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Insulation Replacement Rottnest Island – Perth

Rottnest Island Insulation replacement can save you money!

How can I save money with new insulation?

Effective roof insulation is an effective way to save money on energy cost both in the winter and in the summer. Help avoid the sting of rising costs in electricity and fuel by making your home more thermally efficient. If you run your air-con a lot but still find that your house just will not stay cool then maybe it is time to replace the insulation with a better quality one.

The saying goes that time is money, but we’d say that energy is money.

When should you replace insulation?

There are a few telltale signs that may indicate that your roof insulation is not working as well as it should. These include:

  • When you have to run your air conditioner longer because the rooms in your home are trapping in heat
  • When you have to blast your heater to combat the air leaks in your attic
  • Noticing higher utility bills month after month

So exactly how much money and thus energy can you save by insulating parts of your home such as your basement, crawlspace, and attic? To answer that, let’s look at the guidance from Energy Star.

Determining your potential savings requires that yours is a “typical” home in the United States.  Per the Residential Energy Consumption Survey or RECS through the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Energy Star defines a typical home thusly.

Our expert team can also provide an assessment to provide you what the best options would be to improve your Rottnest Island home insulation.

Your home was built between 1970 and 1989 and has four bedrooms. The property has a conditioned floor area up to 1,700 feet. Your home uses stick construction such as wooden rafters, joists, and studs. The attics, if they are insulated, feature blown-in insulation while the walls have fiberglass batts.

    Perth Insulation Quote Request

    Roof insulation case study: Clarkson 2007 Home

    A 2007 First Home Buyers’ build, the roof insulation remained untouched since construction. The home was a double brick, tin roof with old fibreglass ceiling batts. These had compressed over time and were infested with rodent debris. As they were so old, they offered very little thermal performance (R1.4 estimated).

    The cost of works were estimated as

    Insulation Removal & Roof Cavity Clean – $1,500

    Supply & Install Bradford Gold R5 Batts – $1,960

    TOTAL = $3,460

    Estimated cost savings after roof insulation works = $540 – $670 p.a.

    Estimated ROI = 5-6 years

    Robyn Klaebe
    Robyn Klaebe
    We originally called Megatec because we wanted to clean out the roof space as we were inundated with carpet beetles coming through the roof via light fittings, wall vents and cracks in the cornicing. We wanted all the insulation removed and roof spaces cleaned. Of course that meant we also needed new insulation put back in but after 25years it was totally degraded anyway so was needed. Not only was their quote the best, but as they were a one stop shop and did pest control as well, it meant that after the clean, they could put a treatment in to keep future bugs away before putting the new insulation in! Apart from their great service, I was particularly impressed that were totally honest with us about only needing R4 and not R5 which saved us hundreds and they threw in an outdoor bug treatment to compliment the indoor one we did for the bugs as well!! I’ve been waiting for the hot weather to test out the insulation and to see if we still had the bugs but we now live in bliss!! ???? After the summer so far and 40degree consecutive days the insulation has shown it’s worth and other than a few stray beetles initially as you would expect …. Nothing!! We couldn’t be happier!! ???????????? ???????????????? We highly recommend Megatec for both their insulation and pest control services.

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